The Whisky Galore Team

Gillies Mackinnon


Director Gillies MacKinnon has assembled one of the most impressive bodies of work in recent British cinema. There’s nothing flashy about his films, and he never allows plot to overwhelm character, mood or meaning. His work is marked by its subtlety and integrity and by a desire to take a story or situation and get it right, regardless of convention or commercial cliche.

An almost impressionistic approach to narrative aligns him more closely with Europe film-making than with Hollywood or the British mainstream. Often, his films are as much about a particular time and place as they are about events; he’s acutely aware of texture and tone and astute in expressing emotional, psychological and social nuance. Not that he preaches: his approach is humanist, born of a fascination with people in all their flawed, glorious variety. Moreover, he finds humor in almost any subject, so that his work, at once serious and witty, is invariably marked by a light touch.

MacKinnon is a fine visual stylist who always conceives meaning in terms of imagery: the camera is consistently in the right position to draw our gaze to some small, significant detail; his careful framing and camera movement are unobtrusively eloquent. And he’s expert with actors: while he’s elicited superb performances from Albert Finney, Stephen Rea, Richard Harris and Jonathan Pryce, he’s also worked fruitfully with (at the time) lesser known talents like Ewen Bremner, Mark Rylance, Robin Wright, Brendan Gleeson and Jonny Lee Miller. It’s not so surprising, then, that Kate Winslet chose to follow Titanic with Hideous Kinky rather than some blockbuster, for MacKinnon makes films that satisfy the eyes, the heart, and the mind.

Iain Maclean


  • Producer and Director Whisky Galore Movie Ltd
  • Instigated Whisky Galore the Remake, raised the development finance and formed the creative team
  • Currently developing The Maggie and The Iolaire
  • Director Theater Hebridies

Iain Maclean originally from Lewis spent 20 years as an IT consultant and during that time worked freelance for a number of large blue chip companies in a consultancy role. A number of years ago having decided on a change of career he decided to move into the film world by initiating the remaking of Whisky Galore. Iain has utilised his IT background and consultancy skills and his knowledge of the Western Isles in order to make sure that the project that he is working on come to fruition. Over and above Whisky Galore Iain has a number of ongoing projects both in film and television which he hopes will come to fruition over the next year. Iain was Educated at the Nicolson Institute in Stornoway, Paisley University and Strathclyde University and is a fluent Gaelic speaker.

Alan Wands


Alan Wands at IMDB.

Michael Ryan

Executive Producer

Michael started his career working in the TV industry for Sir Lew Grades's UK company, ITC. In 1987 Ryan and his business colleague left ITC to form J&M Entertainment, a distribution sales agent for independent films.

In 1980 Ryan and J&M were founding members of the American Film Marketing Association (AFMA) - later to be renamed Independent Film & Television Alliance (IFTA) - which was formed to provide an annual Los Angeles based film Market in competition to Cannes, Milan and Berlin. Ryan served two terms as chairman of IFTA. Ryan and Collins have extensive experience of the film industry which embraces over 200 feature films and TV series.

In 2006 Handmade acquired their company, IAC/Sequence. Over the next 3 years they built up Hand Made Films International Ltd (HFI) into a successful and profitable company.

Peter Drayne

Executive Producer

Hailing from Belfast, via Glasgow and the Czech Republic, Peter has a farming and land owning background. Following his early retirement from farming, Peter became a director in several companies, mostly across the creative industries. He is committed to investing in quality people and quality projects and takes a long term view about his extensive investment portfolio.

Peter McDougall


Peter Mc Dougall has been a writer for some years both in the UK and LA. Peter holds the only Prix Italia for a UK writer for his film Just another Saturday. Peter has three Bafta awards for A sense of Freedom, Just A Boys Game and Down Among The Big Boys with Ashley Jenson, Douglas Henshaw and Billy Connolly all which have all recently been re released on DVD. Other works include Shoot For the Sun with Jimmy Nail and Brian Cox, The Elephants Graveyard with Billy Connolly and Jon Morrison. He has recently ended a successful trilogy of stage plays called The Fathers Suite, The Brothers Suite and The Shedding Of The Suite. Peter also received a life time achievement Bafta award in 2008.

Nigel Willoughby

Director of Photography

Nigel Willoughby at IMDB.

Andy Harris

Production Designer

After graduating from Glasgow School of Art Andy joined the Design Department at Thames Television in 1978. At Thames he worked on a wide variety of programmes from LE, Comedy to Drama.

Since the early eighties, as a freelance Production Designer he has worked extensively in London, and other parts of the UK, as well as the United States, Ireland, Romania, Luxemburg, Tunisia and Sweden.

Andy has designed approximately 24 feature films: from low budget projects to multi-million productions. His film credits include, My Life So Far, Regeneration, The Playboys, Gabriel and Me, Gregory’s 2 Girls, Simple Twist of Fate, Honour, and Not Another Happy Ending. He is also widely experienced in television having designed both single dramas and series including- The Key, Finney, Donovan Quick, Gunpowder Treason and Plot, Rebus, The Field of Blood, The Dead Hour, and most recently a single 90minute period drama for the BBC, Castles in The Sky starring Eddie Izzard.

Andy is a member of the British Film Designers Guild and has been nominated for a Genie Award- Production Design for the First World War feature film, Regeneration, and has won a Scottish Bafta Award for Excellence in Craft.