The Whisky Galore Movie Remake

When John Ford began shooting “The Quiet Man” in Cong, County Mayo in 1950 he not only brought electricity to the West of Ireland but jobs, wealth and a genuine boost to a failing economy. At the film’s release the following year not only Academy Awards were the result but also a flow of tourists to the region which has not ebbed to this day.

It is hoped that the remake in colour of “Whisky Galore” will act as a catalyst to have the same effect on the economy of Scotland. Sir Compton Mackenzie’s immortal novel of whisky shortage, ship aground with liquid cargo and its theft is told with the humour and indomitable spirit of unique people. Why remake the film? Firstly more evidence is available on the true story of the “S.S. Politician”, the cinematic talents of a new generation of British actors and the fact that it seems folly to have made the film in monochrome when the unmatchable colours of land and sea in the area were available. A world class director Gilles Mackinnon will record this true “magic”.

The perennial story of a united community putting itself against officialdom and authority has resonances the world over. It is the purpose of this film to tap into that international sharing and genuinely entertain a world audience with a popular tale that is universal.