The Original Whisky Galore Movie

The story of Whisky Galore is based on the real life events of 1941.

Popularised by Compton McKenzie in his 1947 book, and then made into a film in 1949 by Ealing Studios. Now, 60 years on... this wonderful tale is as comical, entertaining and charming as it was then.

The story of a united community successfully challenging officialdom and authority transcends generations and cultures.

The film’s unique portrayal of whisky as The Water Of Life – social lubricant, panacea, energiser, revelation.


  • Nominated for Best British Film BAFTA in 1950
  • IMDB ( on line film database ) rating 7.5 / 10 - higher than Local Hero 7.4 and Highlander 7.2
  • Regularly ranks in the Top 10 best Scottish films of all time.


Respected Film Correspondent Brian Pendreigh ranked it 3rd best Scottish film ahead of 39 Steps, Local Hero, Wicker Man and Highlander.

Enjoyed success in many countries including USA under the title “Tight Little Island” and also in France as “Whisky A Go Go” where it changed the drinking habits of the nation.